Retro Gaming Weekend

There’s some serious retro gaming fun to be had this bank holiday weekend if you’re going anywhere near Coalville, near Leicester. (We drove a couple of hours and it was well worth it). The Retro Computer Museum has taken over a couple of rooms of the Snibston Discovery Museum in Coalville and has about 60 or 70 computer systems running for visitors to try out. If you remember a particular system or game, then it is probably on display here. Children from tiny tots through to adults remembering their first gaming experiences  meant that there were smiles all round the rooms, as well as some surprised comments that some of the systems were there at all, particularly fully functioning!

photo by Bernie Cavanagh

The event is staffed by volunteer members of the Retro Computing Museum, who have an incredible amount of knowledge of these increasingly rare systems, and they deserve to be fully supported in this important preservation activity. If you get a chance to see for yourself, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

In addition there are a couple of stalls selling old computers, games, books and magazines, much of which would be difficult to find elsewhere.

You really don’t need ultra powerful kit, huge monitors and stereo sound – Playing Pacman on a 5″ screen on an old Commodore Portable, trying an early 3D device called the Nintendo Virtual Boy and racing Mariocart at a seriously low resolution, all just seems to add to the fun!

Parsec playing on a Tandy Ti994/A

Rory playing Pacman on a Commodore 'portable'

Serious Concentration!
(photo by Bernie Cavanagh)

photo by Bernie Cavanagh

photo by Bernie Cavanagh

Isaac trying the Nintendo Virtual Boy

Rory and Isaac playing Mariocart on an old Nintendo Game Cube

Thanks to Bernie for the use of his photos

For more information, please see the Retro Computer Museum’s website


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